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HIGH-STAKES Litigation

Defense & Prosecution

When the stakes are high, we are pleased to offer our depth of experience and tenacious advocacy across the spectrum of complex commercial and business litigation.
Our attorneys have earned a national reputation for representing both plaintiffs and defendants with tenacity, creativity and a relentless commitment to litigation excellence.

Bold & determined

We are relentless in achieving the best results for our clients. We have the expertise, experience and resources to take on – and defeat – the most well-funded adversaries.

Commercial and Business Litigation

We are a premier go-to firm for all types of commercial and business disputes. Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, our lawyers have broad experience in handling and successfully resolving significant commercial disputes in federal and state courts across the U.S. These cases often include claims for breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, tortious interference with contract, and accounting or other professional malpractice. Where appropriate, we welcome the opportunity to handle commercial litigation on a contingency basis.
Arbitration is another principal aspect of our commercial litigation practice. Our lawyers have broad experience in successfully handling arbitrations across the U.S. and in Europe before major arbitral bodies, including the AAA, JAMS, and ICDR.

Antitrust Litigation

We represent plaintiffs in antitrust lawsuits nationwide on both an individual and class-wide basis. These cases typically involve plaintiffs who have been harmed as a result of predatory pricing, price fixing, bundling, bid-rigging, or other unlawful anticompetitive business practices.

Securities Litigation

Securities fraud often occurs as a result of material misrepresentations and omissions, accounting irregularities, or fraudulent transactions. We represent defrauded investors in securities class action lawsuits, direct lawsuits, opt-out lawsuits, and derivative lawsuits in federal and state courts across the country.

Consumer and Privacy Class Action Litigation

Class action lawsuits are often the most effective means of compensating victims of corporate wrongdoing. Consumer class action lawsuits typically involve claims for deceptive trade practices, deceptive advertising, hidden or unlawful fees, and defective or dangerous products. We also litigate consumer privacy class action lawsuits, with an emphasis on the misuse of personal private information and electronic-data breaches resulting from a company’s failure to properly secure personal private information. In each case, we fight for those who have been harmed and wish to enforce their rights.

Shareholder Litigation

When corporate officers or directors breach their fiduciary duties to shareholders or engage in other alleged misconduct, individual and institutional investors may seek to enforce their rights either through direct shareholder lawsuits or shareholder derivative lawsuits. Shareholder derivative lawsuits permit a shareholder to step into the shoes of the corporation and bring claims against the corporation’s officers, directors, and third parties. Shareholder lawsuits often arise in the context of related-party transactions between a corporation and its officers or directors; transformative corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions; and instances in which officers or directors utterly fail to properly manage or oversee the corporation’s affairs.

Institutional Investor Litigation

We represent institutional investors in asserting claims for violations of the securities laws and breaches of fiduciary duties. These cases typically include direct lawsuits against public and private companies, and their directors and senior officers; lawsuits in which the institutional investor decides to “opt-out” of a class action lawsuit and instead pursue its claims on a direct basis; and class action lawsuits in which the institutional investor seeks to serve as the lead plaintiff for the class.

Whistleblower Representation

U.S. statutes have established programs that offer whistleblowers significant monetary awards and other protections for anonymously reporting certain violations of federal law (including the securities laws) to the appropriate federal agencies. We represent whistleblowers and relators in whistleblower and qui tam lawsuits, with a particular emphasis on the technology, financial, medical and government-contracts industries.

"Our Litigation approach Is Lean and Efficient, Centered on Results."